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Sling Tomb: Navigate treacherous ruins, dodge traps, and collect treasures in this thrilling adventure game!

Sling Tomb – Get ready to stretch your brain as you manipulate momentum in Sling Tomb, a clever puzzle adventure centered around flinging, ricocheting, and rebounding a magical glowing orb through ancient booby-trapped ruins. As a mysterious adventurer armed with an ethereal tether, you must strategically slingshot your energetic companion across a series of compact yet increasingly complex tomb levels.

With simple tap controls to anchor, pull, and launch the levitating orb in dramatic arcs, the spatial puzzle gameplay puts a cerebral spin on classic aimed projectile challenges. Mindfully utilize crystals, barriers, teleporters and more to indirectly curve your luminous charge through each peril-filled chamber.

Watch your radiant orb shift form too, gaining elemental properties like electricity, ice, and anti-gravity that stack together for creative progression solutions. If your orb shatters or missteps, rewind and retry the chamber – failing forward gets you closer to that ultimate “Aha!” breakthrough.

Blending mystical fantasy artwork with exotic musical motifs, Sling Tomb entices you to unwind with wireless spatial pursuits anywhere, digitally challenging your mental dexterity. Guide your glowing orb to plot an enlightened escape!

How to play Sling Tomb:

The goal is to guide a magical glowing orb from the start point to the goal point in each level by stretching, pulling, and slingshotting the orb around obstacles.

Tap and drag your finger on the orb to stretch out an ethereal tether. Stretching builds up energy.

When ready, fling your finger to sever the tether and send the orb flinging across the screen obeying physics and momentum.

Tap the screen again when desired to re-tether the orb allowing you to pull it in a new direction then fling again.

Utilize level elements like crystals, accelerators, portals and more to alter the orb’s properties or trajectory when contacting them.

Solve each spatial puzzle chamber by cleverly maneuvering the orb with strategic tether points and aimed flings taking advantage of rebounds and level features.

There is no time limit – retry levels as needed as you unravel the ideal progression. Start thinking with portals!

With practice, you can collect medals by completing levels under a certain number of pulls and flings. Master luminous logistics!