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Blocky Snakes Unblocked


Blocky Snakes Unblocked - Guide your snake, grow longer, and avoid obstacles in this fun arcade game. Play now!

Blocky Snakes – Bored to tears in class or the office? Stave off sleep at your desk with Blocky Snakes Unblocked – a delightfully quirky time-waster that slithers past firewalls for stealthy reptilian action when you should probably be doing something more productive. Shhh…we won’t tell!

Guide your lean, mean, block-built serpent around increasingly cramped confines in an quest for high score domination. Maneuver with finesse to gobble up tiny cube power-ups that speed up your scaly beast. Just don’t crash into your own gloriously jagged tail!

With its neon-pop art style, auto-generated synth soundtrack and armed only with your keyboard and wits, this game injects some much-needed adrenaline into your day. Getting to the top of the real-time global leaderboards offers serious bragging rights too!

Controls of Blocky Snakes:

  • Use your keyboard arrows to maneuver the snake left, right, up and down
  • Gobble up block dots and avoid crashing into walls or your own tail

Gameplay Blocky Snakes:

  • The snake starts out small, guide him to consume dots to grow longer
  • Each dot eaten increases speed and score
  • Walls enclose the playable area which shrinks over time
  • Tail grows with each consumed dot, don’t run into yourself!

Power-Ups Blocky Snakes:

  • Special cube dots provide temporary boosts:
    • Arrow Cube: Increased speed
    • Star Cube: Invincibility
    • Explode Cube: Eliminate dots in radius