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Draw Climber Unblocked


Draw Climber Unblocked is a physics climbing game where you quickly sketch out structures like platforms and ropes to creatively guide a daring character upwards, reacting in real time as they cling and scramble up your spontaneous scaffolds while hunting stars and avoiding hazards like iron balls.

Draw Climber Unblocked – Scale new heights of creativity with the award-winning Draw Climber, now fully playable unblocked online! This physics-based climbing challenge tasks you with scribbling structures to guide a daring adventurer ever upwards. React on the fly as they scramble up your spontaneous scaffolds hunting for stars in the sky!

Armed with intuitive drawing tools, sketch out platforms, bridges ropes and whatever else you can imagine to ease the climber’s ascent across dozens of tricky towers. However, you’ll need to adapt quick when pieces crumble underfoot or obstacles arise. Guiding your climber to those critical stars often demands split-second stroke adjustments mid-climb!

Luckily, each body part of your nimble explorer clings realistically to your outlines, stretching arms wide to grapple handholds or dangling precariously until you anchor their salvation. Design plans on the fly to utilize their wall-hugging prowess amidst crumbling structures, swirling hazards like iron wrecking balls, and even hostile creatures interfering with progress.

Together with your climber, the sky’s the limit in this creatively empowering challenge. Let your spontaneous visions guide the way to victory! The expanded content and freedom of the unblocked version helps your imagination and scrappy scaler reach all new heights. Start sketching and scale the dazzling Draw Climber peaks today!

Controls Draw Climber:

  • Click and drag the mouse to draw platforms, ropes, and structures
  • Use straight lines for secure surfaces, squiggles for flexible ropes
  • Draw walls and ceilings to block falling hazards

Gameplay Draw Climber:

  • React quickly to catch the climber when they fall
  • Draw supports wherever they stretch their limbs
  • Create new handholds when existing ones crumble
  • Guide the climber towards stars to collect them


  • Delete or cut off parts crossed by the swinging iron wrecking ball
  • Block or destroy enemies like birds that harass your climber
  • Plug up lava streams pouring from the volcano


  • Draw ropes diagonally for efficient ascents
  • Minimize cutting across empty space for better physics performance
  • Limit convoluted intricate shapes where possible