Fortnite: An epic multiplayer battle royale game. Build, explore, and outlast your opponents to emerge victorious!

Fortnite – Drop into the phenomenon that has taken the world by storm in Fortnite! This frenetic multiplayer shooter strands 100 competitors on an immense battlefield armed to the teeth with resources and weapons for crafting complete domination. Rapidly build towering fortresses and deadly traps to emerge the final combatant still standing in heart-pounding Victory Royale.

After an atmospheric skydive from the hovering party bus, players scramble across a sprawling map dotted with lush forests, coastal mansions and mystical dimensional rifts ready for looting. Smash vehicles, trees and structures to stock wood, brick and metal supplies vital for spontaneously throwing up walls, bounce pads, sniper towers and more in seconds.

With every player able to dramatically reshape their surroundings in real time, no two matches play alike. Will your ramshackle stronghold withstand a surprise missile barrage or stealth ambush? Should you attempt rushing a rival squad’s concrete compound? Approach aggressively or strategically lie in wait? An electrical Storm barrier gradually shrinks the arena, forcing crazy final showdowns.

In the heat of the moment, construction mastery must fuse with steady aim, pinpoint situational awareness and tactical thinking. The victor of this bullet-flying battlefield bedlam achieves the ultimate Victory Royale…at least until the school bus hovers by again for another match in gaming’s most dynamic shooter!

How to play the popular action game Fortnite:

The goal of Fortnite is to fight opponents and survive as the last player or team standing. Matches start with the Battle Bus dropping all human-controlled players onto a large map.

Upon landing, immediately start scavenging by picking up weapons, ammo, and material resources from buildings, chests, and items lying around. Build walls, ramps, floors, and roofs rapidly with your resources to create structures for safety and access.

Using chests, purchase stations, loot drops and more, equip weapons ranging from assault rifles, shotguns, grenades and explosives to one-shot sniper rifles and powerful legendary relics.

Engage opponents who come into range by firing your equipped weapons. Move unpredictably when fired upon, build protective structures, and attempt to eliminate the attacker.

A deadly storm slowly constricts the map’s safe area as the match time passes, forcing remaining players ever closer together into tense final standoffs. Stay inside the safe zone!

The last player or team still surviving when all others are defeated or engulfed by the storm wins Victory Royale! Refine building strategies and combat skills over many matches.