Mr. Mine - An engaging and strategic mobile game where players manage and expand their mining operations. Delve into the depths to extract valuable resources, upgrade mining equipment, and maximize profits. Experience a blend of resource management and exploration in Mr. Mine, a captivating game of strategic decision-making.

Mr Mine is an endearing puzzle game for mobile that will put your tapping skills and strategic thinking to the test. As a busy miner on the hunt for hidden gems and gold, you’ll need quick reflexes and even quicker wits to solve each brain-teasing level. With cute graphics, quirky humor, and satisfying gameplay, Mr Mine is easy to pick up but hard to put down. Let’s dig in!

Gameplay of Mr Mine

The goal in Mr Mine is to remove blocks by tapping on them, creating a path to collect all the sparkling gems and nuggets in each stage. But different materials like stone, iron, and diamond require multiple taps to smash through, forcing you to plan your digging strategy within a limited number of taps.

Later levels introduce complications like unbreakable bedrock, TNT explosives, and laser beams, challenging you to find efficient solutions. Power-ups can provide a needed boost when you get stuck. Completing levels and bonus goals earns you new picks, dynamite, and other boosts.


Mr Mine succeeds by combining simple, repetitive tapping mechanics with increasingly complex spatial puzzles. There is immense satisfaction in clearing the final blocks to grab that last gem. And with over 1,000 hand-crafted levels, new head-scratching puzzles are always on the horizon.

The charming pixel art characters, funny animations, and unlockable skins add plenty of personality. Daily challenges, leaderboards, and achievements provide extra replay motivation. Mr Mine distills addictive, pick-up-and-play puzzling that anyone can enjoy. Just be prepared for hours of digging fun!

With easy to grasp tapping gameplay mixed with challenging level design, Mr Mine is a stellar mobile puzzler. For a mining adventure bursting with rewards and charm, bring your tapper and mining hat to Mr Mine!

How to play Mr Mine:

  • Tap blocks to dig through and remove them to clear a path to gems.
  • Different blocks have different properties. Stone takes 1 tap, iron takes 2 taps, diamond takes 3 taps.
  • Avoid hazards like lava pits, explosions, and lasers that can end your run.
  • Collect all gems in each level to complete it. Optional objectives award bonuses.
  • Use powerups like dynamite strategically to remove tough blocks.
  • Buy helpers like the foreman or miner buddy for automation.
  • Spend coins on upgrades to speed up digging, boost powerups etc.
  • Analyze the number of taps remaining to plan your digging strategy.
  • Think several moves ahead to avoid getting trapped.
  • Later levels introduce new blocks like unbreakable bedrock that alter strategies.
  • Complete levels and optional objectives to unlock new character skins.
  • Take advantage of daily challenges and events for extra rewards.