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Pacman Unblocked


Pacman Unblocked

Pacman Unblocked allows you to play this iconic maze chase game anywhere with web access. Guide Pacman through winding mazes to chomp pellets while avoiding ghosts – no downloads required! Rediscover the retro appeal of this arcade legend.

Gameplay of Pacman Unblocked

The goal in Pacman is simple – navigate mazes and collect all the pellets while dodging colorful ghosts. Gobble power pellets to temporarily turn the tables and chase ghosts down! With tight, responsive controls, Pacman feels great to play even decades later.

You’ll need quick reflexes and pattern recognition to achieve high scores. Finding the optimal routes between ghosts takes practice but provides immense satisfaction. The varied maze layouts pose an ever-changing but learnable challenge.


Though simple in design, Pacman stands the test of time thanks to universally appealing gameplay. There’s something undeniably fun about zipping through mazes while munching pellets and outwitting ghosts. Simple yet hard to master – a brilliant example of game design.

As an unblocked game, Pacman offers instant retro appeal when you have a few free minutes at school or work. Relive a classroom classic or introduce new gamers to this iconic maze chaser!

Pacman Unblocked serves up this arcade legend in bite-sized doses. Guide the legendary chomper to victory once more in this timeless unblocked experience!


  • Eat all the pellets in the maze while avoiding ghosts.

Controlling Pacman Unblocked:

  • Use the arrow keys to move Pacman through the maze.
  • Gobble up all the small pellets as you progress.


  • 4 different colored ghosts roam the maze trying to catch Pacman. Avoid them.
  • Power pellets let you turn the tables and chase the ghosts!

Points & Level Progression of Pacman Unblocked:

  • Eating pellets gives points. Eat enough to move to next level.
  • Each new level speeds all characters up.

Extra Lives System of Pacman Unblocked:

  • Pacman starts with 3 lives.
  • Lose a life if ghosts catch Pacman.
  • Gain extra lives with bonus fruits and points.

Win Conditions:

  • Complete level 255 by eating all pellets to win!
  • Highest possible score is 3,333,360 points.

With practice, you can master timing and routes to achieve high scores! See if you can beat your friends’ records as the legendary Pacman.