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Penalty Kick Online


Penalty Kick Online: Step up to the challenge! Aim carefully and score goals in this thrilling penalty shootout soccer game.

Penalty Kick Online – The referee points to the spot – now’s your team’s chance to cement golden glory! Select your club then step up to strike in this adrenaline-fueled 1v1 penalty shootout!

Feel the drama build in Penalty Kick Online as you live out every soccer fan’s dream – the final moment shootout with the championship on the line! Select from your choice of over 50 officially licensed real-world teams like Juve, PSG and Man Utd. Immerse yourself in customizable stadium environments in day, night or stormy conditions.

Go toe-to-toe with adaptive AI opponents or cutthroat online rivals with the odds stacked against you. Master pinpoint strike precision controls to aim top corner or hard and low. Unlock flashy boots, colorful balls and stylish goal explosions to customize your player as you advance.

Battle through Tournament mode featuring a treacherous knockout stage where sudden death awaits the loser of each duel. Navigate the pressure cooker moments cramping legs and frayed nerves. The glory of victory under falling confetti beckons – if you can hold your focus!

Step up and be the hero your team needs! Show steely determination under the stadium lights with the expectant crowd roaring. Achieve leading goalscorer status one perfect penalty at a time!

How to play guide for Penalty Kick Online:

Getting Started

  • Choose your team and customize your player. Select player handedness.
  • Familiarize yourself with the controls. Use arrow keys to aim, spacebar/ctrl to add/decrease power, and enter to shoot.

Kicking Tips

  • Aim for the corners to make it harder for the keeper. Be less predictable.
  • Adjust power based on distance. More power is needed for top corner shots.
  • Time your shots. Strike the ball when the kicking meter is in the green zone.

Game Modes

  • Practice Mode: hone your skills against different keepers.
  • Tournament Mode: compete in a bracket against computer AI or other players.
  • Two Player Mode: go head-to-head against another player on the same device.


  • Match objective varies based on game mode. Games can be decided by most goals in a match, most goals over multiple rounds, or via a sudden death shootout.
  • Earn coins to unlock new player avatars, stadiums, balls and other customization.

Perform under pressure and lead your team to victory! Outsmart the keeper and master the perfect penalty kick.