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Pokemon Great Defense 2


Pokemon Great Defense 2: Pikachu and friends defend their world. Play this defense game and protect the Pokemon realm from invaders.

Pokemon Great Defense 2 – Choose Fighters for Complementary Coverage With hundreds of unique Pokémon boasting wildly different abilities, battles often come down to wise complementary drafting. Ensure your squad possesses diverse offensive, defensive, and tactical strengths filling any potential gaps.

Well-rounded teams feature both physical heavy-hitters like Machamp that dish close-quarters punishment, plus special attackers such as Alakazam wielding potent psychic energies from safety. Don’t overlook support species either – healers like Blissey or tricky entry hazards courtesy Dugtrio.

Aim to counter anticipated threats preemptively based on past assault patterns. Expecting dense swarms of tiny insects? Have flyers on standby to fan away the buzz. Suspect Brock might lead a rock golem charge? Make water cannon Blastoise your ace for eroding boulders.

As the wise professor Oak said: “There’s a time and place for everything!” By acknowledging Pokémon types have inherent strengths and weaknesses, we can plan advantageous matchups that complement each other for unified success. Together, we are far greater than the sum of our parts!

How to play Pokemon Great Defense 2:

The goal is to defend your home tower from waves of attacking enemy creatures using an army of caught Pokémon.

Use the Pokéball cannon at the bottom of the screen to catch wild Pokémon wandering the map before they disappear. Then drag and place your Pokémon fighters strategically around paths leading to your tower.

When enemies appear, your Pokémon will automatically attack them. Position ranged and melee fighters appropriately to counter air and ground assaults.

Earn XP and level up your Pokémon squad after surviving waves. Spend reward points to recruit more fighters. Evolve certain species to make them even more powerful defenders.

Later waves bring much tougher enemies and boss raids. Continually build and enhance your Pokémon army to withstand all threats. The fate of the tower rests with your tactical monster catching and evolving decisions!

With over 700 authentic Pokémon to collect, plus tower defense strategy mechanics, Pokemon Great Defense 2 offers incredible depth and replayability. Catch ‘em all and defend your ultimate prize!