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Siegius Unblocked


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Siegius Unblocked – Master medieval magical warfare by commanding elite forces of knights, wizards, healers and scouts against hundreds of invading adversaries in this game. Strategically construct towers fortifying battle lines, channeling advancing foes into kill zones occupied by loyal legions. Those seeking domination must balance economic upgrades, impactful spells and unit positioning for maximum base security.

Hero characters like the ice sorceress Brunnhilde or melee specialist Gore Dancefield allow players to tip battles with area slowing traps that make swarms sitting ducks for projectile punishment. High Templar Arius calls down devastating divine lightning strikes upon samp concentrated points while shadow assassin Veil Shade garrotes problematic backline siege engines. Deploy diverse damage dealers for flank ambush blitzes too!

Various battlefield conditions alter approaches as well. Night phases hinder ranged precision requiring usage of illuminator plants while ghost, sandworm and goblin tribes introduce unique traits to overcome like spell immunities that punish one dimensional armies not pragmatically adapted. All warfare facets synergize in Siegius for compelling strategic showdowns!

How to play Siegius Unblocked:


  • Click on units/buildings to select
  • Right click on map to direct unit movement
  • Number keys 1-4 select hero abilities


  • Continuously spawn troops to defeat enemy forces
  • Flank attackers with mixed melee and ranged units
  • Cast spells like heals or fire walls to support army


  • Construct towers to increase population cap
  • Upgrade farms, mines etc to boost economy
  • Fortify defenses around your base


  • Target high threat enemies first like boss monsters
  • Lead projectiles properly against fast aerial foes
  • Activate hero powers at critical moments for advantage

Victory requires strategic coordination of economic growth, base fortification and troop control! Ask if any specific Siegius Unblocked mechanics need clarification.