Star Luster - Embark on a galactic journey filled with thrilling space battles and cosmic exploration in this captivating adventure game.

Star Luster – Expanded Universe Lore

While Star Luster focuses on Ace’s personal quest for vengeance against Rex Marr, hints of a wider galaxy ripe for exploration tantalize the player:

The Confederacy This loose galactic alliance tries maintaining peace but suffers gridlock from so many voices. Worlds on the fringe rarely see support, leading to growth of piracy and autocracy. Could reform unite them?

The Nova Corps Some accuse this erstwhile peacekeeping force of overreach but most respect their honorable duty upholding liberties. Their near-religious adherence to ethical codes however sometimes enable evil actors…

The Quatroni Hegemony This longtime rival power to the Confederacy sees Rex Marr’s conquests as divine right of the strong dominating the weak. But rumors persist of dissident elements who see opportunities for chaos in Marr’s wake.

The Syndicate Territories on the frontier report shadowy criminal networks smuggling weapons, people and tech to the highest bidder regardless of ethical concerns. But potential mutual enemies make for temporary allies…

Precursor Ruins Scattered clues hint at an incredibly advanced alien civilization existing long ago that achieved space-time manipulation before mysteriously vanishing. Marr seeks artifacts for himself promising great power.

And So Much More The processors on Ace’s ship occasionally pick up strange encrypted signals from unknown regions…perhaps fellow rebels against tyranny organizing? Or newer threats emerging from darkness? The galaxy holds endless adventures for those bold enough to seek truth in the vast unknown!

Where do you theorize future tales may explore in the wider Star Luster universe? Let us know!

Tips for playing and succeeding at Star Luster:

Ship Handling

  • Master drifting around obstacles and enemies using boost and airbrakes.
  • Utilize barrel rolls to quickly evade incoming missile locks and fire.
  • Learn to direct power between engines, shields, and weapons on the fly.
  • Each ship handles uniquely – get a feel for their mass and momentum over time.


  • Analyze enemy attack patterns and opening vulnerabilities before engaging.
  • Mix up your use of primary and secondary weapons to match targets.
  • Use terrain like asteroids and debris for cover during intense fights.
  • Don’t get greedy chasing downed foes – know when to retreat and recharge.


  • Outfit ships to specialize in speed, stealth, assault or bombing based on their strengths.
  • Gather rarer materials from optional objectives to upgrade top-tier weapons.
  • Install mods and drones to help turn the tide based on upcoming missions.
  • Talk to shipwrights at stations for info on newly available upgrades.


  • Scan uncharted systems using long-range detectors onboard your ships.
  • Investigate distress signals – they may lead to survivors, enemy ambushes or loot.
  • Land on planets and install harvesters to automatically gather rare resources over time.

Make smart use of your full arsenal and abilities. Master maneuvering through intense space battles, upgrading your fleet effectively between skirmishes and exploring at every opportunity. The life of an elite pilot demands versatility across all your available systems. Trust in your instincts as they guide you towards becoming the legendary Star Luster.