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Super Oliver World


Super Oliver World: A classic platformer adventure with challenging levels and exciting obstacles. Join Oliver on his quest to save the princess!

Super Oliver World – Join the retro pixel hero Oliver as he embarks on a vibrant 16-bit inspired platforming adventure in Super Oliver World! With its pixelated graphics, chiptune music tracks, and tightly tuned mechanics, Super Oliver World pays loving homage to the mascot platformers of the 1990s golden era. Run, leap, bounce, and smash across creative stages, nabbing power-ups and uncovering hidden bonuses along the way. Part nostalgia trip, part excellent platformer, Super Oliver World is a must-play for fans of old school Nintendo classics!


Veterans of early 90s platformers will instantly recognize the tight controls and mechanics – running, jumping between platforms, bouncing on enemies, finding hidden blocks and bonus zones. While stages shake up conventions enough to stay fresh, the dopamine rush of completing the expertly designed obstacle courses remains pure nostalgic bliss. Exploration is greatly rewarded yet progression requires precision jumping and crafty use of power-up abilities, just like the classics. Iconic boss battles test your skills with patterns to analyze.

From sunny grasslands to ghostly haunted houses, backdrops like swaying vegetation and other subtle retro animations bring landscapes wonderfully to life. Gameplay difficulty strikes that sweet spot between rewarding yet tough-but-fair retro challenge. Just like revisiting childhood classic favorites! Optional player-created stages provide tremendous bonus replay value for all skill levels.

With gorgeous pixel art, subtle animations and catchy chiptunes, the presentation style faithfully echoes gaming’s 16-bit peak. Playful sprites overflow with vibrant colors and fluidity against the landscapes. The audio spans from catchy beeps to riffing on familiar adventurous musical themes. Together they capture the misty-eyed comfort of 1990s gaming greatness!

Conclusion For longtime platformer fans yearning for authentic retro gameplay or newcomers discovering golden era classics, Super Oliver World soars sky high! By honoring and thoughtfully iterating on patented formulae in both mechanics and aesthetic presentation, this platformer feels like a forgotten SNES gem wonderfully resurrected for all to enjoy!

How to play Super Oliver World:


  • Left/Right Arrows or A/D to move and run
  • Up Arrow or W to jump
  • Down Arrow or S to duck/slide
  • Spacebar or J to use power-up abilities

Platforming Basics: Run, jump and duck through levels avoiding enemies and obstacles. String together double jumps, wall kicks and slides to navigate tricky passages.

Gathering Collectibles:
Collect glowing orbs to extend your health meter. Spell out words with letter tiles for bonus points and challenges.

Finding Secrets: Keep an eye out for hidden bonus areas, warp zones, and alternate paths! Explore everywhere for rewards and replay value.

Grab smiling power-up icons to gain temporary upgrades like giant size, belly bashing, rainbow lasers and more to aid your adventure.

Bosses: At the end of each themed world, test your skills against comically overmatched boss enemies. Master patterns and use power-ups strategically.

With mastery of the basic moves and some creative platforming, Oliver can prevail against his neighbor’s mischief and save the storybook lands!